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‘There is something quite beautiful about living a simple life in such a consumer driven world.’

– Unknown

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You might be interested in natural and organic beauty, ethical fashion or just all round wellness on your way to a more eco-conscious life.
Our hope is just to get you questioning some of the everyday choices and hopefully want to choose better options, not just for you and your family but for our planet too.
Check out our Eco Directory for some of the wonderful brands we recommend. All have been carefully selected and we whole-heartedly support what they have created and their mission.


‘Shopping ethically can empower others, change lives, and impact the world on a greater scale.’

– Molly Stillman

Natural Organic Beauty

Natural & Organic Beauty

Many mainstream beauty products contain harmful toxins, but we are fortunate now to have other options. Nature can provide us with amazing ingredients and we have found the brands using these to create all natural and organic products. 
Find out more here.

Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Fashion shouldn't cost the earth. Fast fashion may have taken over the world, but there are some who are providing an alternative. Slow, mindful, ethical and sustainable. Focusing on the whole production and manufacturing not just the output. A new way forward.
Find out more here.

Natural Health & Wellness

Natural Health & Wellness

Health is our greatest wealth, and we are always discovering new ways to support ourselves and have optimal health. Wellness is about looking after and nourishing our mind, body and soul so we feel healthy and vital for whatever life has in store for us.
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Come and check out our Eco Directory! We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve done the research so you can be sure that all these brands meet our high expectations. No nasty toxins, recycled materials and ethical practices, and products and rituals to help support optimum health. These brands and businesses are transparent because they have nothing to hide.
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‘Told you’ve been picky when it comes to what you buy? Is the first thing you do when you find a new product is read the ingredient list? I get you! There’s no shame in being selective about what you choose to buy, especially when it could harm your health. Once you know the facts you have to make the changes. Fortunately it’s getting easier every day to find better products, and I hope we can help you on your journey, however that looks like to you.’

– Sammy McAleese, Founder Renewed Collective

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