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3 Sustainable Footwear Brands You Will Love

Sustainable fashion shouldn’t end with the clothes we wear but needs to include our entire outfit, including sustainable footwear. Shoes are commonly made with unsustainable materials that can be a detriment to our environment, and that’s not including the conditions the workers are subject to when making the footwear.

Here are 3 brands who consider every aspect of an ethical and sustainable business, and produce very different but incredible shoes.

Lost Sols Footwear Sustainable Shoes

Lost Sols Footwear

‘These shoes are rubbish!’

Lost Sols are on a mission to show that the footwear industry can be sustainable, repurposing recycled materials and even apples (yes apples!) to create their shoes.

Lost Sols was born from a desire to be creative, but also a need to help protect our precious planet. The footwear industry can produce so much waste, especially low quality shoes that wear out after only a few outings. We are so fortunate that advances in technology offer so many new options to repurpose materials and waste.  Lost Sols are vegan, eco-friendly, ethical and use materials including recycled rubber, recycled vegan leather and apple leather – made using the apple waste leftover from juicing. 

Abiding by the Business Social Compliance Initiative standards ensures the highest environmental and ethical processes are in place throughout every stage of manufacturing and production. This certification ensures the businesses they work with align with their values, and all workers are treated fairly and ethically within their offshore production teams.

Lost Sols proudly partner with ‘Share the Dignity’ – who provide essentials to women during their menstrual cycles. Also, with every pair of shoes sold they will plant a pair of trees with @onetreeplanted – a nonprofit organisation focused on global reforestation. 

Embracing simple but beautiful designs along with their environmental values, Lost Sols are leading the way when it comes to sustainable footwear, encouraging consumers to invest in classic styles that will transcend seasonal trends and last many years to come.

Collective Canvas Sustainable Shoes

Collective Canvas

This NZ-based brand mindfully design and create every piece of footwear sustainably knowing that nothing can last forever.

Collective Canvas provide an alternative to cheap fast fashion and the trends that come and go every season. They are a brand who embrace slow, simple and transparent. They want consumers to be mindful of their consumption, and encourage selection of pieces that are designed to last, even though we know they won’t. But when your footwear does reach the end of its life, you know that it won’t be a detriment to the environment. 

Collective Canvas are proud to work with suppliers who share the same values and commitment to ethical manufacturing processes, including fair treatment and working conditions for their workers. Organic cotton, natural latex rubber, renewable castor oil and water based glues are some of the sustainably sourced materials used in each pair of shoes. 

By selecting these materials, they are also reducing the impact on the workers, not exposing them to toxic fumes and chemicals from the ingredients. The majority of these carefully selected materials are also biodegradable, thereby reducing the impact on the environment both during the manufacturing process and at the end of their life.

Collective Canvas realise the impact of every choice they make and choose to make a difference. They obsess over the small details and every pair of shoes are designed to last. Durability combined with simple, timeless designs, will mean a pair of these will become a staple in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Twoobs Sustainable Shoes


80% recycled, 100% vegan and 1000% comfy. Sisters and founders of Twoobs didn’t agree with how most shoes were being made, so they decided to do something about it.

Putting their best foot forward, Twoobs are creating sandals that are better for your feet, better for all beings and better for the planet. Using materials like natural rubber and sugarcane for the soles, organic cotton, and recycled plastics and yarn, Twoobs are gentle on the planet and built to last. 

As well as being cruelty-free and PETA-Approved vegan, they are also 100% serious about the people making their footwear. Partnering with a factory in Dongguan that specialises in footwear production and have high ethical working standards. Every shoemaker gets paid a living wage, meals, healthcare and childcare as well as optional room and board.

The journey isn’t over once you get your new pair of shoes either. Once you’ve enjoyed them and you’re ready to let them go, Twoobs will turn your shoes into playground mats through their Takesies Backsies recycling program. 

Twoobs have considered every aspect of the production process (which is also carbon neutral by offsetting 100% of their emissions!) and ensured they are doing the best they can. Right down to the FSC certified recycled cardboard shoes boxes and giving back to the panda-protecting WWF Mamize Firewood-Saving Cookstoves Project.

Twoobs are fun and functional and will bring a touch of colour to your day. But be warned, they are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off!

Check out our Eco Directory for more sustainable brands, and if you know of any ethical footwear brands we should know about please get in touch!

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