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4 natural perfumes better than the traditional ones

Do you know the difference between the perfume you’re buying at the chemist or shop, and the natural perfumes created by smaller brands? It’s time to find out. 

While most of us don’t think much of that small spray of perfume each morning, if you’re using a traditional perfume it could be doing more harm than good. You’re inhaling whatever’s in the perfume, and that is entering your body and bloodstream within seconds. Have you considered what ingredients are in traditional perfumes? Perhaps it’s time to think about it.

What is fragrance?

Fragrance can have so many meanings, but essentially it comes from either petroleum or plants. 

Pure fragrances are essential oils from plants, flowers and raw materials. Synthetic fragrances are secret chemicals that are actually chemically closer to gasoline than they are to flowers. 

Under the law of a ‘Trade Secret’, fragrance companies are allowed to hide their ingredient list and not disclose it to consumers. And if we don’t know what in our perfumes, how do we know what we are putting on, and eventually in, our bodies? 

Alternatives to traditional perfumes.

If you have been using synthetic perfumes for awhile, it may take a period of adjustment when converting to a natural perfume, as they smell completely different. You will be able to notice the pure essential oils and your senses will adjust quite quickly. After time you may even be able to tell when someone else is wearing a synthetic perfume and find it quite overwhelming! 

We want you to know there are alternatives and there are some amazing companies out there producing beautiful pure fragrances created from all natural ingredients.

Find out more about fragrance.

Here are our top 4 brands that are creating fragrances that will have you converted from your traditional one.

One Seed Perfumes

One Seed Perfumes

‘Real perfume made from real plants for real people.’ These powerful fragrances are all natural and are 100% free from synthetics and harmful ingredients. Committed to being fully transparent, One Seed list every single ingredient used in their natural perfumes. Available in both a traditional spray and also a rollerball, scents range from woody, fresh, floral and oriental to appeal to your unique scent profile.

Botanicals Australia

Botanicals Australia

Botanicals Australia capture the natural beauty of flowers into an elegant luxe collection of natural perfumes. These are meticulously hand-crafted in small batches in Brisbane, Australia. Featuring unique florals sourced right here in Australia, these 100% natural formulas are gentle and have the added therapeutic benefits of the plant based ingredients.

Serene Body Health

Serene Body Health

Serene Body Health create all Australian natural botanical perfume oils, made with no harsh chemicals. Serene focuses on not only the beautiful scent of their perfume oils, but the therapeutic benefits of the oils used. Balancing beauty with self-care, each fragrance is designed for a specific purpose to support and nurture you throughout the day.

Melis Natural Perfumery

Melis Natural Perfumery

Melis natural fragrances are derived purely from 100% botanical ingredients gifted directly from nature. Intricate blends of fine, pure botanical extracts, essential oils, resins and absolutes are carefully curated to not only delight the wearer, but also therapeutically soothe the soul and inspire greatness. Melis is inspired by nature and caring for the environment is paramount to their philosophy.

We all have a unique scent profile and are drawn to different fragrances, so it might take a little experimenting to find a natural fragrance that you like. Remember that natural perfumes don’t last on your skin as long as the traditional ones, but if that’s the only downfall then it’s a good trade to make. Plus, many of the brands have travel or sample options, which are a great handbag essential to grab and reapply throughout the day. 

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