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Natural & Organic Beauty

‘What makes you unique is what makes you beautiful’

– Unknown

Natural & Organic Beauty

Your skin absorbs 60% of whatever you put on it into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. So do you know what you’re using?

Hundreds of thousands of toxic chemicals contained in cosmetics have never been tested for health and safety on humans. These dangerous chemicals are invisible. We inhale them, rub them on our skin and ingest them. But it’s time to take back our power and educate ourselves. We have control over what we choose to buy and use on our bodies. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making small changes that add up to a big difference. Don’t worry about changing over all your beauty products all at once, change them as they run out or the ones you use everyday first. Every one you change to a natural alternative means you are reducing the stress on your body and helping you live a healthier life.

Check out our recommendations for wonderful natural & organic beauty products in our Eco Directory.

  • 7 Winter essentials to help you get through the cooler months.
    Heading into Winter and the changing of seasons, our body wants to go into hibernation mode. The cooler weather, the rainy days, and the indoor heating to keep us comfortable. Our body begins to crave some extra love and nourishment. Some Winter essentials will help you get through the colder days, especially if you’re a … Read more
  • Microbeads. The tiny product causing huge issues.
    Microbeads are the tiny product causing huge issues to marine life, the environment and human health. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the European Chemicals Agency, microplastics are very small fragments of plastic than are less than 5mm in length. Microplastics are not a specific type of plastic, but can … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Sleep Rituals
    Sleep Rituals create a range of award-winning organic products for daily relaxation, calm & sleep. Born from the difficulties around sleep amongst family and friends, Sleep Rituals create just that – rituals to prepare your body and mind for restful sleep. Using the finest quality ingredients and organic blends, helping you prioritise sleep and look … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with BetterBee Eco
    BetterBee Eco offer a range of natural and earth-friendly home and body products. Low-tox and all natural for both the health of your body and your home. We chat to Founders and partners in life, Ryan and Michelle, to find out more about BetterBee Eco. What inspired you to start your business?  Ryan: For me … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Fragrant Rituals
    Tapping into plant power to bring us healing, beauty and happiness, Fragrant Rituals offer a range of aromatherapy, nature perfumes, herbal teas and skin and body products. Proudly made in South Australia, all products are handcrafted in small batches using top quality ingredients and artisan infusions. We chat to Zhanna, the Founder of Fragrant Rituals … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Dearest Lips
    Dearest Lips’ award-winning lip balms are the first of its kind in Australian to be made with cork. The natural cork outer packaging is ethically sourced and home compostable at the end of its life. Each lip balm is handmade in small batches, ensuring they are of the highest quality and you get the smooth … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Amber Botanics
    Amber Botanics is a mother & daughter run business, making a range of low-tox body products. Handmade in Australia using locally sourced ingredients helping support other local businesses and communities. Low-tox with no hidden nasties, all products are made in small batches packaged in sustainable and recyclable packaging. Their mission is to help create a … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with The Purist Collection
    Founded by Naturopath Emily, The Purist Collection is a range of naturally therapeutic products for your body, home and soul with the intention of helping as many women as possible. Inspired by nature and natural therapies (particularly naturopathy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy), Emily hand makes all the natural skincare, herbal teas, and candles to make … Read more
  • Are your fragrances and scented products doing more than making you smell nice?
    What does the word fragrance actually mean? It’s not a specific ingredient that you recognise, so if we don’t actually know what it means how do we know if it’s harmful to our health? What is fragrance? The definition of fragrance in the dictionary is; or; It doesn’t really tell you what it is, or … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Hanami
    Founded by naturopath Hannah, Hanami Cosmetics create cosmetics with natural plant based ingredients. Hanami’s range of products include; nail polishes, mineral cream blush, BB cream, lipsticks and more. Hannah is passionate about what she creates, and is committed to ensuring everything meets her ethical standards and values. Read on to find out more about Hannah … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Mimosa Botanicals
    Mimosa Botanicals is an old world apothecary studio based in the historic Goldfields township of Castlemaine in Central Victoria. Creating exquisite luxury bath soaks, small batch apothecary, aromatic oil blends as well as slow botanical perfumery utilising exquisite ingredients from around the world and on Australian shores. Using the highest quality ingredients which include organic, local ingredients, … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with St James Supply Co
    ‘Great hair with a clean conscience’. St James Supply Co create natural shampoo and conditioner bars for those wanting to reduce their plastic waste, an easy option for travelling and most importantly, a product that works, making your hair look and feel great. We had a chat to Co-Founder Joni to find out more about … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Herbal Hiraeth
    Herbal Hiraeth create a range of wildcrafted herbal skincare products that are all natural, eco-friendly and vegan. Placing importance on connecting you with nature, each product is designed to not only nourish your body but your soul too. We chat to Herbalist and Pagan Soul, Candice to find out more about the inspiring brand she … Read more
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