About me... West Australian. Creative. Yogi. Artist. Bookworm. Wife. Illustrator. Traveller. Photographer. Intuitive. Ocean-lover.

Around 10 years ago I completed a Massage course which included an Aromatherapy unit. I enjoyed this unit the most and it was a pivotal moment in my life regarding wellness. I learnt about the basics of essential oils, and the chemicals in our products and environment. Before this, I had never really thought about the ingredients in our products that we use everyday. There are hundreds of thousands of toxic chemicals contained in cosmetics, and other everyday products, that have never been tested for their health and safety on humans. These dangerous chemicals are invisible. We inhale them, rub them on our skin and ingest them. When I looked at the ingredients list on the products I was using, I was shocked at what they contained. Most of it I couldn’t understand. I slowly began changing over all of my products, some I found more difficult than others, but I knew it was all for good reason.

I am fascinated and curious about wellness and low-tox living, and want to keep learning more. It is becoming such a huge industry as more people become aware of the toxins in our products and environment. Once you know this information, you can’t forget it, so you have to make changes. You also can’t keep this information to yourself. You want to protect the people you love and I want to share my knowledge and information I have learnt, and will keep learning, so people can make informed choices about what they choose to put on, and in their bodies. Knowledge is power.

Nature can provide us with everything we need, and I want to support businesses who are creating products not only good for us, but for the environment too. These businesses are transparent and don’t hide anything, because they don’t need to. These businesses helping this change deserve our support.

My hope is that by sharing this information with people, they are able to look after themselves and live long, happy and healthy lives. To realise the damage we are doing to our environment and planet, and have interest and action to do something about it. We need to reduce the amount of toxins in our environment, in our homes, and what we put in, and on our bodies. I hope to provide awareness and motivation to make changes.

I hope you will follow me on this journey, as our health is our greatest wealth.


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