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Brand Q&A with Bare & Wilde

Bare & Wilde is a Perth based wellness business offering seasonal wellness subscription boxes with carefully curated beauty and lifestyle products, high vibe wellness events, inspiring weekend retreats in beautiful locations, and a brand new online wellness shop.

I sat down with Founder Amy to find out a bit more about the incredible business she has built, and what inspires and motivates her.

When did you start Bare & Wilde?

I started in 2017. The first box was the Summer of 2017, so it’s been just over 3 years already!

What inspired you to start Bare & Wilde?

Prior to starting Bare & Wilde I studied law and went into the corporate world as a commercial lawyer. I was doing that for about 2 years before starting Bare & Wilde. I had always loved fitness during Uni and that was something I became really passionate about. I also had some skin problems growing up, like eczema and acne when I was a teenager, and I guess I paid a lot of attention to the skin products I was using and my nutrition. I noticed how they would affect my hormones and then affect my skin, so I was always conscious of those things.

Then Instagram come into my world! There were a lot of wellness brands out there, and that was when they really started to become quite popular. I know there was a few like Sukin, who were one of the first in clean beauty, but I think around 2015/16 was when I really started taking notice. I was trying to clean up my life, by eating cleaner and using clean products on my skin.

So I went from using brands that have a lot of chemicals from places like Priceline, to trying clean brands which weren’t necessarily big brands, but I just wanted to give them a go. I then realised a lot of them were actually a one person show. Just someone loving what they do, and doing it from home, so I wanted to support them as a business. Then I heard about subscription boxes doing really well,  so the idea came from doing a subscription box, which wasn’t just food but more of a wellness box.

At the time I don’t think there was one like that in Perth which incorporated food, beauty as well as lifestyle products. Recently we had an eye mask in one of our boxes because I wanted to share how important sleep is. There are a few more of those lifestyle products coming up soon too!

What aspect of your business do you enjoy most?

That’s an interesting question! I say that because as the only person in my business I feel like you have to do everything. I do have a few interns who help me out now though. I didn’t realise this but I’m actually quite creative when it comes to marketing, and I like coming up with a strategy and planning it out. I love having a planned marketing strategy and seeing it come to life. I guess over the 3 years I have learnt which of the strategies work best, and it’s really interesting to realise that when you put all the best bits together, that’s when the business really grows. It’s not just one thing. That’s been a big learning curve for me, but also my favourite part.

What do you find most challenging?

Logistics! It’s funny because I’m quite organised when it comes to the marketing, but when it comes to the operations and logistics I’m not so organised! That’s why I have delegated a lot of that side of things to the people who help me. I had 2 interns who I’ve now taken on to help me a couple of days a week, which is really nice and are better at that part of the business than me. Sometimes you just have to choose what to delegate, otherwise you just get burnt out. So I guess I delegate the things I don’t enjoy, which is good now because things are arriving on time!

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

I definitely think the community keeps me going. Running a business is hard, so being passionate about what the business is all about is really important. I also think the passion develops as the business grows, and for me that definitely happened because of the community. The people who buy our boxes and share it with their friends, and the ones who write emails and testimonials. I love hearing how it has impacted their life and put a smile on their face. That keeps me really motivated and I know that what I’m doing is actually having a positive impact on their lives.

Bare & Wilde Wellness events with yoga

You have created an amazing community, what do you love most when interacting with them?

One of my favourite parts is through the events. Even though the business did start with subscription boxes, the community element became such a big thing and that’s how the events gradually came into it. I wasn’t sure about it at the time, and if it would make sense for business that was known for subscription boxes to do events, but I’m glad that I decided to do it as it has really helped build the community.

What are you currently working on?

Within Bare & Wilde I’m always finding new products and growing the subscription box side of things, but also growing our new online shop. During Covid we launched the Bare & Wilde shop where we stock the brands that we have already featured in the box. We are also able to stock a wider range from them, so that’s been going well. I would like to make that the one stop shop for our community, and somewhere they can find all their beauty needs, healthy food and healthy lifestyle products. So I’m looking forward to growing that side of things.

Then we have a few retreats in mind for our WA people. Unfortunately we can’t travel, but I’m excited for these after what’s happened this year. I think people need a bit of a getaway, and I also need it for myself too!

You offer so many amazing opportunities to move and nourish your body, what’s your favourite way to move your body?

I get bored easily, so I’m that person that does a bit of everything. I quite like that though because it means I’m not doing the same thing all the time. Currently I’m really into my running and that’s something I’ve really been enjoying. Also during Covid we turned our back porch into a home gym, so my go-to currently is the home gym, weights and running. There was a time last year when I was really into yoga, but I go through phases with exercising. I really love yoga and pilates, but I guess I go through seasons almost and focus on one thing, then change it up when I feel I need to.

Bare & Wilde Wellness Events with cacao ceremony

Do you have morning routine?

I do actually, but it’s not too sophisticated. I’m definitely an early riser and I love getting up early. There’s something special about getting up before the sun rises and before everybody else gets up. I find that’s my time to just be with my thoughts and meditate. Even though I don’t really do the sitting down and closing your eyes thing, I think for me it’s just being up when most people aren’t awake, watching the sun come up with my coffee and journalling. I do like to write down what’s going on in my head during that first hour I wake up.

Then I generally do some form of exercise, usually an hour or so after I wake up. At the moment it’s going out for a run, and I’ll also take my dog Chloe out for a walk every morning.

What’s your favourite way to unwind?

Perhaps because my business is all about health and wellbeing, and it is such a big part of my daily life, to unwind I like to do the opposite and lay on the couch and watch Netflix. So that is sort of my guilty pleasure in a way, when I’ve done all I need to do for the day, just to be on the couch with Chloe and watch some mindless shows. I’m not into massages and that sort of thing, its just not me!

I know you love your quotes, what’s your favourite quote right now?

They do change, but lately I’ve been doing quite a few things with Bare & Wilde, and I might have another project coming up, separate to Bare & Wilde, so I would say my current favourite is ‘Done is better than perfect.’ It’s a short one, but I always think about it because I do have that side of me that is a bit of a perfectionist. Thinking that something is never quite ready which slows you down and doesn’t give you the momentum. I’ve learnt over the last 3 years in business that the momentum is actually what helps you perfect it, so done is more important.

Check out Bare & Wilde for their latest wellness box, next day retreat, weekend destination retreat or online wellness shop here.

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