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Brand Q&A with Fragrant Rituals

Tapping into plant power to bring us healing, beauty and happiness, Fragrant Rituals offer a range of aromatherapy, nature perfumes, herbal teas and skin and body products. Proudly made in South Australia, all products are handcrafted in small batches using top quality ingredients and artisan infusions.

We chat to Zhanna, the Founder of Fragrant Rituals to find out more.

What inspired you to start your business?

My name is Zhanna and I am a natural perfumer, skincare formulator and tea blender.  I have always been into the natural lifestyle and have been using natural and organic products for my skin and body. My artisan business Fragrant Rituals was born after I experienced the profound benefits of aromatherapy firsthand. Glowing skin and feeling better were things hard not to notice.  It was inspiring to see how my custom handmade skincare and aromatherapy preparations helped my friends, family, and myself during challenging times in their lives both on an emotional level (helping them cope with loss and depression) and on a skin and physical health level. 

My offerings are all about tapping into nature’s ability to bring us into a state of balance and happiness.  Whether it’s a skilfully blended natural perfume, face mist, aromatherapy blend of herbal tea, you’ll find that by using Fragrant Rituals offerings you’ll not only smell amazing and have glowing skin, but also feel better and have a brighter outlook on life.

Why do you choose to use only natural or organic ingredients?

I use natural and preferably organic ingredients including the ones I grow and wild harvest in South Australia, for many reasons. We now all know that what we put on our skin or spray on ourselves is absorbed by our bodies. In the same manner, as many people are now aware of how it is important to eat fresh and organic food, we also should seek organic and natural personal care products.

I also believe in the vibrational qualities of plants. That’s why I search the world for the top quality organic ingredients for my perfumes, teas and skincare. Only the purest skillfully extracted plant essences can create outstanding products with healing benefits. 

There is a fine line between being simply a consumer of the best and being a conscious buyer. I always strive to pick sustainably harvested ingredients. For example, although I adore the scent of Mysore Sandalwood from India (endangered), I have chosen to replace it with sustainably grown Australian Sandalwood from Western Australia. 

Fragrant Rituals Aromatherapy

Your favourite product?

I have a favourite product in every category. From the perfume collection, my favourite is Oud Duo perfume oil because it totally transforms my mood for the day. It’s very powerful, brings confidence and makes you feel unstoppable. I also really love my N13 Chypre when I want to feel energised. In my skin collection, I use all my products alternating them. My favourite is Geisha’s Secret face serum. It’s part of my morning ritual of massaging this beautiful dry oil into my skin.

What’s your favourite way to look after yourself?

Meditation, walks or hikes in nature and drinking herbal tea (Jolly Lemon is my fav).

What are you currently creating?

I am currently working on a totally new and exciting offering. I am perfecting my artisan skills in making 100% natural botanical incense. It is a thousand-year-old art and takes years of practice and fine tuning. I believe it is a unique offering in Australia. We are talking about real handmade incense sticks in Japanese style, not bought overseas in bulk and dipped in fragrance oil sticks. I know many are asking when it will be released, and I hope we are not far away from the first release. I am also working on a new perfume inspired by vintage violet perfumes and a new tea blend.

What are you currently reading?

I am reading a couple of books on organic gardening and planning as I am in the process of expanding my fragrant garden. My regular bedside table books are on incense and perfumery.

Favourite travel destination?

Of the places I have visited in the past my favourite is Malta. It has everything I appreciate – amazing history, great food, perfect weather, and lovely people. My dream destinations are New Zealand and Japan.

Favourite quote?

‘For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone’ – Audrey Hepburn

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