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Brand Q&A with Mimosa Botanicals

Mimosa Botanicals is an old world apothecary studio based in the historic Goldfields township of Castlemaine in Central Victoria. Creating exquisite luxury bath soaks, small batch apothecary, aromatic oil blends as well as slow botanical perfumery utilising exquisite ingredients from around the world and on Australian shores. Using the highest quality ingredients which include organic, local ingredients, 100% pure essential oils, absolutes, flowers, herbs, resins, barks & clays. All products are inspired by nature & the seasons.

We chat to Founder Christiana to find out more about the wonderful brand she has created. 

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always made aromatherapy products & had been making them under another brand for at least a decade but it felt more like a hobby than a business.

It wasn’t until I was working for my friend Michelle from Sow n’ Sow when she was based here in Castlemaine (and my son was at an age where my freedoms were returning somewhat) that I realised that I could give this small business thing a go. I had so many recipes and so much loveliness to share that I just went for it with the full support of my husband, friends and family!

Why do you choose to use only natural or organic ingredients?

I have always shied away from synthetics as I have always been somewhat sensitive to them, whether in a cream or candle or soap!

As a qualified aromatherapist, this of course was my foundation and trade so I wouldn’t use anything but natural. 

Your favourite product?

I love all my products of course but I always go back to my first bath soak blend that I created for Mimosa Botanicals, which is the French Lavender & Oat Milk soak as I find it so restorative & calming when I am feeling depleted. It’s simple and comforting.

Mimosa Botanicals Apothecary Essential Oils

What’s your favourite way to look after yourself?

Going for morning walks daily or longer ones on the weekends with my family. Sitting in nature & having a bath (naturally!).

Currently creating?

Another luxe bath product.

Currently reading?

The Language Of Flowers by Mandy Kirkby currently, it’s a beautiful book well about flowers and their traditional meaning. I am also partial to a good French memoir. I love reading about other people’s experiences in the world.

Favourite travel destination?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled quite a bit in my time and lived abroad for 3 years in the early/mid 2000’s and have loved every place that I have visited for varied reasons.

My favourite at the moment would be Provence in the South of France to visit the lavender fields, fragrant gardens and essential oil distilleries.

I was supposed to go in June but Covid put a stop to that! Hopefully in a few years time, I’ll get the opportunity again.

Favourite quote?

I don’t have a favourite quote but anything poetic that relates to nature or flowers gets me.

Find out more about Mimosa Botanicals here and shop their collection online and in selected stockists.

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