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Brand Q&A with Poppet & Co Women’s Wellness

Poppet & Co Women’s Wellness is on a mission to create beautiful and unique nutritional supplements for women that effectively nourish and support the physical and emotional concerns of women of all ages and stages across the globe. 

We had a chat to Founder Abigail about her journey so far and plans for Poppet & Co’s future.

What inspired you to start Poppet & Co Women’s Wellness?

Throughout my Nutrition studies and after working with many patients, in particularly women’s health and hormones, I began to notice a very clear need for something to be made to naturally assist with issues such as PMS, anxiety, hormonal adult acne and menopause. These issues came up so often yet most patients were on medication or having to take multiple vitamins many times a day to get any relief of their symptoms. I myself even as a Clinical Nutritionist have struggled to find quality scientific researched backed supplements that are catered specifically to these issues.

I began my company Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness originally just with an idea to create a formula to assist with my own personal experiences of PMS and anxiety which lead me to develop the first product in the range ’Lady Luna’ in the hopes it may help other women too. 

Why are natural or organic ingredients important to you?

Growing up in a little country town on the East Coast of Australia, I was born surrounded by fresh produce grown on farms and was raised by my parents who were Naturopaths and in the health industry, so I guess you could say it was second nature from a young age. Since working and studying Medical Science and Nursing, it gave me a non bias understanding of both worlds, natural vs medical which I have seen the need for both.

The reason I am so passionate about natural ingredients is because you can use nature as medicine if you obtain high quality, highly bioavailable ingredients and use science based research to ensure optimum results are achieved, allowing many patients whom could only take western medicine an alternative choice.

Poppet & Co Women's Wellness Supplements

Your favourite product you offer?

Hmmm, well there are many in the pipeline and still in the making in TGA but my absolute favourite would definitely be ‘Lady Luna‘ as it is such a unique concept and flows with the natural hormone cycle. It’s a first ever made product, so you will have to wait and see! 

What’s your favourite way to look after yourself?

My self care daily ritual will usually consist of either a walk in nature, ocean sunset swims, journaling, having almond cappuccinos with my kitten Lola in my garden, massages, reading books on spirituality and wellness, having a social media detox and doing a nightly meditation on my new app ‘Calm’. I’m also working on saying no to things and people who don’t bring me positive vibes. 

Currently creating?

We are currently creating a women’s wellness online store to complement our women’s nutritional supplements. We have been busy trialling and testing our most favourite Australian made women’s health products we know and love for you to enjoy too, and purchase on our website soon. You can expect to see everything from herbal teas, wellness books to raw health chocolates, candles and more, listed under ’Poppet’s Loves Collection’ on our website store.

Currently reading?

I’m obsessed with books, anything wellness or spiritual related and am currently reading two at the moment. This month’s reads in my home are;

’The Universe has your back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein 

’Everything you’ll ever need, you can find within yourself’ by Charlotte Freeman 

Favourite travel destination?

This one is tricky! Well my dream destination which I’m yet to travel to would be Italy and South of France for sure. My most memorable of my travels would have to be Edinburgh Scotland, the history is breathtaking and Zanzibar Island in East Africa, a truly life changing experience. 

Favourite quote?

“She woke each morning with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful it was that she always chose herself” – Tyler Kent White.

Find out more about Poppet & Co here.

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