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Brand Spotlight with BelieveIn Co

With the fashion industry as one of the most polluting industries in the world, I truly believe that those wanting to change the system are creating a new movement back towards the traditional ways of making and producing clothing. True sustainability within the fashion industry encompasses a whole range of systems and processes, making it challenging for those wanting to create real change. BelieveIn Co is one of those brands and founder Ella is on a mission to show there is a more sustainable way of creating activewear that is good for everyone.

Where did BelieveIn Co begin?

Created from her home in Sydney, founder Ella started BelieveIn at the beginning of 2021 with a belief and desire to do good. 

The brand’s philosophy is to believe in yourself and know that every small step counts. Sustainability is about finding small, actionable steps that can fit into our everyday lives. Know that you can make a difference, no matter how small the changes.

BelieveIn is committed to being a brand that is sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly, and steps are continually taken to ensure every item is as eco-friendly as possible. This is not only from an environmental perspective but also economical. Generally if you choose to use different, better materials, then both you and your customer will have a more significant investment in the product. BelieveIn aims to provide an alternative and offer the best of both worlds – sustainable activewear that won’t break your bank.

BelieveIn Co Black activewear set made of recycled materials

What are BelieveIn Co’s sustainability practices?

After extensive research Ella was able to find a material that is made up of 73% recycled PET and 27% spandex, which is certified by the trusted Taiwanese government and Global Recycled Standard. PET filament is an outstanding environmental-friendly fibre made from post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate, also known as plastic bottles. These bottles have been processed and made into yarn. 

These unique recycled textiles used for their leggings and sports bras are made by a Taiwanese manufacturer that specialises in producing high quality and eco-friendly textiles. The manufacturer also uses state-of-the-art and innovative technologies, specifically a supercritical dyeing technology that is water and organic solvent free. Pioneered using supercritical CO2 instead of water for the dyeing process, this eliminates waste and allows for a more efficient process. 

Did you know that generally, 100-150 litres of water is needed to dye just 1kg of fabric?! That is a crazy amount of water considering how much fabric is needed by brands every single day. Finding an alternative can only be good for everyone, including our planet.

Ensuring the next step of the manufacturing process was as ethical as possible, BelieveIn partner with a cut-and-sew facility in Nanhai, China. This facility creates small product runs and focus on quality and ethical working conditions, not speed and overworking of their garment workers.

Sustainable might be the best, but isn’t always the easiest route.

Ella shares a great story from the start of her journey, that I think rings true for anyone trying to do something different. She said ‘everyone, including the suppliers, told me to start with ‘normal’ materials and then once I progressed and had more funding available to switch to the recycled materials. The ‘normal’ materials are a lot more affordable. Part of me was sad thinking about why doing the right thing costs more, but the other part of me was this is worth the work to make things better.’ 

Doing the ‘normal processes’ aren’t working anymore, and what looks logical to everyone else doesn’t feel right because you know there is a better way. BelieveIn is helping people see that the better, more sustainable way is the way forward and will hopefully one day become our new normal.

BelieveIn’s first range was launched with great success in October 2021. These beautiful designs will take you from workout to lunch with friends with ease and style! Check out the limited edition range on their website here.

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