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Do you fear joy?

‘Courage is knowing what to not fear.’


Life is full of ebbs and flows; we have our moments of being euphorically motivated, then our moments where the lack of energy and motivation exists so little that you may even ponder whether you are truly unhappy. 

But have you ever thought to yourself tomorrow is a new day, new me! I’m so ready to start my new chapter. You know what I mean, the new goal we want to strive for.

Ok, the sun is shining into the room reminding you the next 24 hours has begun. Gosh, do I have to be that ambitious today and start a health kick today. What about tomorrow? Let’s be real, this has happened to all of us regarding something we wanted to do or achieve in life. So, what is really going on here?

The truth is we are resistant, due to the fear of either failing or truly reaching a level of joy.

You may think to yourself, how can you fear joy? 

Well, when trying new things and putting ourselves out there we always think the worst. We usually think the resistance comes from a place of fear, shame, or judgment, but sometimes it comes from worthiness, not allowing ourselves to be worthy of truly embracing complete joy. It is a crazy little mind game our subconscious mind likes to play with our conscious, putting us in a stagnant whirlwind.

When putting ourselves out there to absorb this joyful moment wholeheartedly, sometimes our first thought is, this can go to crap, this can be taken away from us, or we don’t deserve to feel such beautiful emotion. This mindset is a vicious cycle that allows you to always play small and never play big in life. Well, honestly the same impact from playing it small is no real difference from playing it big; there will always be something you may lose and something you may gain. Though in perspective it’s better fearing something big than pondering on “what if I played it big”, you always have something greater to gain being fully vulnerable than not.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that life will go the way it’s meant to be. 

What does this mean? Well, it means if it’s not for you it will naturally fall away and if it is meant for you then it will align. Life is truly too short to play it small and to fear joy. 

So, what’s the worst that could happen?

  • You fail. Everyone fails, you can’t develop and succeed if you don’t fail! 
  • You feel vulnerable. To be vulnerable shows you that you have the courage to live life to the fullest.
  • People develop an opinion of you. AND so, what?! Are they achieving your goals for you? 

What could happen in reality?

  • You self-develop.
  • You discover the true YOU.
  • You experience life in a way you wouldn’t have if you stayed playing it small.
  • A sense of peace begins to resonate within your soul as you are staying true to yourself.

Overall, do you! Make it happen!! Be kind to yourself during the process because you deserve joy. You are beyond worthy of joy. Don’t let the “fear factor” allow you to play it small!

This guest article is written by Krystal Martinez. Krystal is the Owner and Holistic Advisor of Seed Rise Bloom. Seed Rise Bloom offers holistic services, programs, and workshops that consist of hybrid healings embodying various teachings derived from holistic counselling, crystal healing, holistic lifestyle coaching and ancient healing practices. Find out more here.

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