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How to energetically cleanse yourself.

Spiritual cleansing aka magical hygiene is a MASSIVE part of any spiritual practice. Working with energy and magic can take a lot out of us energetically, so it’s important to practice spiritual hygiene on a weekly or even daily basis to prevent us feeling off balance and carrying around a whole heap of attached energies!

What is spiritual cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing can help our soul energy stay strong, keep us grounded and in a positive mindset, and helps clear away the fog and negative energy we can pick up in our days.

There’s a number of ways we can practice Spiritual Cleansing and Hygiene, sometimes one may work better than others, or when we feel heavy we may need a combination to really cleanse our aura.

Best ways to energetically cleanse yourself

Here are a few of my favourite ways to practice Spiritual Cleansing.

  • Visualisation – Sit or lay comfortably, slow your breath, close your eyes, and visualise in your minds eye, a beautiful forest, within that forest you come across a small crystal clear pool of water that is cold and sparkling and so inviting, it also has a beautiful waterfall, jump into this pool and stand under the waterfall imagining all the negative and unwanted energy being washed away by this glorious magical water. This process is best repeated daily.
  • Salt & Herb Bath – depending on the level of energy cleansing required, any Epsom salt/pink salt/sea salt can help cleanse away negative energy. Specific herbs can also be added depending on what is required (e.g Blessed Thistle for breaking curses/hexes!). Unsure of where to start, or after a general energy cleanse, see our Luxury Herbal Bath Soaks. This cleansing method is best done once or twice a week.
  • Smoke Bundles or Incense – Waft the smoke around your body and request loudly or silently for it to cleanse away the negative or unwanted energy. A few favourites is Palo Santo, or specifically formulated Smoke Bundles that not only cleanse but offer positive energy but into your aura. We have a few specifically crafted smoke bundles in store, as well as Palo Santo. Best done once a week for best results.
  • Crystals – there are a number of crystals that you can carry or wear daily to help keep your energy cleansed. Or you can hold one and visualise it’s energy radiating the negative and unwanted energy right off you. Selenite is a great one for overall Spiritual Cleansing – Selenite Rods available in Store. Best practiced daily.
Crystals to hep spiritually cleanse yourself
  • Moon Bathing – Simply stand out in the Moonlight and visualise its powerful Luna energy cleansing away all unwanted energy. Best practiced as often as you feel, at any moon phase where the moon is visible – most potent at the time of the Full Moon.
  • Forest Bathing/Grounding – One of my favourite ways to not only cleanse my energy, but ground my emotions and mind. Sit or stand or walk outside in nature, best done with bare feet, and imagine being connected to the earth by thin golden threads that pulse energy back and forth, sending all your unwanted and negative energy into the earth to be transformed and receive loving stable energy in return. Best completed daily or as often as you can.
  • Wind – This one I love. There’s no such thing as an annoying windy day when you practice Spiritually. Stand in the wind (if safe to do so, and not in cyclonic winds!) Stand still in it, focus on the power and energy of it as it rips through you. Imagine it clearing out all stale, negative and unwanted energy, and as it does, it takes it far away from you, leaving you feeling light and refreshed.

This guest article is written by Candice O’Shannessy. Candice is a Herbalist and Pagan Soul, and the founder of Herbal Hiraeth. Herbal Hiraeth create a range of natural beauty and soul rituals connecting you to nature. Shop their range here.

Read more about Herbal Hiraeth in their Brand Q&A.

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