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‘Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.’

J Stanford


Wellness can mean different things to different people. It could mean working out and eating healthy so you have energy and vitality to carry out daily activities. It could be a morning routine of yoga and meditation to create calmness and prepare you for the day ahead. Or perhaps it’s scheduling a sauna session or chiropractic appointment to get you functioning at your best.

Wellness is looking after yourself and making choices everyday that nourish your body. Trusting your body and the signs it’s sending you. Being mindful of what you are consuming, not only food, but what you are reading, watching and listening to.

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  • Why I’m not setting any New Years resolutions this year
    Every year when we celebrate a fresh year everyone asks ‘what’s your New Years resolution?’. What if you don’t want to set any? Let’s discuss why I’m not setting any New Years resolutions this year. Reflecting on 2022 Last year my resolution was to move house, somewhere closer to the beach. And now when looking … Read more
  • Ladies, we need to talk about our vaginas. Here’s why.
    From periods to pap smears, we’ve come a long way in opening up the dialogue on women’s health. But when it comes to talking about our vaginas, we still fall mute in many areas. So why is this the case? And more importantly, how do we change it? 32% of women don’t feel comfortable talking … Read more
  • What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?
    Our state of wellbeing is made up of a complex combination of our physical, mental, emotional and social health, which contribute to our level of happiness and satisfaction with our lives. There are numerous practices that we can adopt to influence our wellbeing in a positive way such as regular exercise, socialising with friends, getting … Read more
  • How to wind down your body to encourage restorative sleep.
    Restorative sleep is the deep sleep required to restore your mind and body, repairing your muscles and strengthening your immune system, ready for a new day. Signs and symptoms that could affect your sleep. Do you find yourself feeling tight, achey or tense at the end of the day? A lot of us spend many … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Ora
    Ora are redefining modern natural medicine with a range of therapeutic, plant-based products to assist with the health concerns and needs of today’s consumers. Ora’s mission of Co-creating wellness™ is refreshing and we found out more about this Australian brand with founder Gabriel Perera. When did you start Ora? I had the idea for Ora … Read more
  • How nervous system regulation can help you manage stress and anxiety.
    Stress. It’s apart of our lives. The pandemic is a constant black cloud over our heads. On top of all the regular every day stresses that we have, like work deadlines, kids, housework and just fitting in friends and family. We are all being pulled in so many directions and it is important to understand, … Read more
  • How to energetically cleanse yourself.
    Spiritual cleansing aka magical hygiene is a MASSIVE part of any spiritual practice. Working with energy and magic can take a lot out of us energetically, so it’s important to practice spiritual hygiene on a weekly or even daily basis to prevent us feeling off balance and carrying around a whole heap of attached energies! … Read more
  • Do you fear joy?
    ‘Courage is knowing what to not fear.’ PLATO Life is full of ebbs and flows; we have our moments of being euphorically motivated, then our moments where the lack of energy and motivation exists so little that you may even ponder whether you are truly unhappy.  But have you ever thought to yourself tomorrow is … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Poppet & Co Women’s Wellness
    Poppet & Co Women’s Wellness is on a mission to create beautiful and unique nutritional supplements for women that effectively nourish and support the physical and emotional concerns of women of all ages and stages across the globe.  We had a chat to Founder Abigail about her journey so far and plans for Poppet & … Read more
  • Brand Q&A with Bare & Wilde
    Bare & Wilde is a Perth based wellness business offering seasonal wellness subscription boxes with carefully curated beauty and lifestyle products, high vibe wellness events, inspiring weekend retreats in beautiful locations, and a brand new online wellness shop. I sat down with Founder Amy to find out a bit more about the incredible business she … Read more
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