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Why I’m not setting any New Years resolutions this year

Every year when we celebrate a fresh year everyone asks ‘what’s your New Years resolution?’. What if you don’t want to set any? Let’s discuss why I’m not setting any New Years resolutions this year.

Reflecting on 2022

Last year my resolution was to move house, somewhere closer to the beach. And now when looking back at 2022, it was actually a huge year for me personally. Hubby and I made a sea change and moved to a small seaside town north of Perth. We fell in love with the slower pace of life and the wonderful community. So at the end of the year we bought our new home and we are here to stay. 

With moving house twice, actually three times if you count the storage unit in between, some small renovations to our new home before moving in, discovering a new town and community, starting a new job, and losing our beloved black Labrador Dave, I would say it was a pretty big year! 

Setting intentions not resolutions

So this year I’m not setting any resolutions. If anything I would say more intentions. To slow down and settle into our new life and new home. To have space to see any opportunities that may come my way. Anything that feels right and worth taking a chance for. 

Not setting any huge goals, but daily intentions to move towards a more satisfying life, one with more freedom and contentment. Enjoying every day and whatever it may bring. Embracing any challenges and starting each new day fresh and making daily choices to nourish my mind and body. 

Being intentional and not setting New Years resolutions

New direction for Renewed Collective

2023 will bring the re-launch of Renewed Collective without the magazine that I worked so hard to bring to life over the last couple years. I’m so proud of what I created but it didn’t feel in alignment anymore and as hard as it was to let it go, I felt relieved when I made the final decision. 

I still love and am passionate about sharing that valuable information about sustainable and eco-conscious living, so I have created a new home for all of that valuable content to live. 

Renewed Collective is now solely a blog where all of these amazing articles can be found and more will be added to it regularly. I love writing and researching and am always learning more every day. I know there is a lot of information already out there but I want bring it to you in my own unique way and hopefully it resonates. 

Renewed Collective previously covered a huge range of topics in the magazine, and going forward I want to  focus on the ones I am truly passionate about. These will be;

  • Natural & Organic Beauty
  • Sustainable & Ethical Fashion
  • Holistic Health & Wellness

You do what works for you, not everyone else

While setting resolutions might work for you and help you bring in the New Year energy, I hope they don’t create any anxiety or stress to ‘get them done’. Making choices that feel expansive and excite you should be priority. If you have set any huge goals, break them down into smaller steps and make sure you celebrate them along the way.

I hope you feel called to follow along on our new journey and if there’s anything you would like to learn or know more about please let me know. I hope 2023 is an incredible year for you and brings you peace, freedom and abundance in every aspect of your life.

Much love,

P.S. If you know of any good brands that we should feature in our Eco Directory let us know via our Contact Us page.

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